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Sto-Nor Industri AS, based in Halden, Norway, started production in 1970 as a sub-contractor to the textile- and clothing industry in Norway.

We currently play an important and competitive role as a major supplier and producer for the garment industry world wide. We supply solutions related to production of work-wear, sports-wear, outdoor and fashion wear.

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挪威思诺工业有限公司在此领域已经拥有40多年的经验,并且具有许多创新的解决方案和产品。我们主要的产品涉及户外运动服和工作服上用的反光材料,复合膜和压胶贴条。 我们生产的所有的产品都具有相关标准和要求的证明文件


Located in Hallsberg, Sweden. Produces all seamsealing tapes and technical films. Slitting equipment and laboratory.
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Located in Rumia, Poland. Produces piping, webbing, reflective garments and all kinds of transfer logos.
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Our representative office and support hub for asian customers. Stock and salespersonell.
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Latest News and Events
25 October 2010
Our signature FR reflective tape, 9801 are now certified according Íko-Tex Standard 100, class 2.
25 October 2010
Sto-Nor seam sealing tape are now Bluesign approved, increasing the added value and conforming the quality level!!
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Sto-Nor Industri AS Sto-Nor Industri AS
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1787 Berg i Østfold 1788 Halden
Norway Norway
Phone: +47 6919 5390
Fax: +47 6919 5768
Email: post@sto-nor.no
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