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Loxy®Safe High Visibility Garments
The right choice of working clothes is a matter of safety. Many professions are exposed to high risk factors, and being visible is decisive to prevent fatal accidents from happening. Further more, outdoor leisure activities demand the safety that a high-visibility garment can offer. Sto-Nor produces retro-reflective garments in classes 1, 2 and 3.
The Loxy®Safe garments meet the industry standards. The Sto-Nor’s production line manufactures specific customized designs that meet the needs and wants of the market.
Our in-house graphic designer will help you to visualize your own designs in different patterns, colours or even find the appropriate alterations.


T-shirt and piquet




Standard Safety Garment Classification
This waistcoat is suitable for building and construction workers, in areas with little traffic and where the speed is low.
Fluorescent background material: minimum 0,40 m2
Retro-reflective material: minimum 0,10 m2

Class 2
The garments are intended for professionals being in areas with heavy traffic, with low/moderate speed.
Fluorescent background material: minimum 0,50 m2
Retro-reflective material: minimum 0,13 m2

Class 3
The garments give maximum protection according to EN471, and should be used by professionals being in areas with heavy traffic.
Fluorescent background material: minimum 0,80 m2
Retro-reflective material: minimum 0,20 m2

Latest News and Events
25 October 2010
Our signature FR reflective tape, 9801 are now certified according Öko-Tex Standard 100, class 2.
25 October 2010
Sto-Nor seam sealing tape are now Bluesign approved, increasing the added value and conforming the quality level!!
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