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  Seam Sealing Tape
Our LOXY films are widely used as a basis for seam sealing tapes. The seam sealing tape completely seals the holes created by the sewing machine and secures a waterproof seam. We have more than 10 standard films, both single- and multi-layer with varies kinds of hotmelts. This to ensure best possible bonding to most fabrics available on the market.

We also offer seam sealing tapes, Hot Air SST machines & test equipment (link?)very tiny hole created
ya sewing machine needle when GORE-TEX« fabric is made into garme

Our LOXY-films are ideal as hotmelts for bonding emblems and logos to fabrics. Laminate the LOXY-film on the emblem/logo and apply it by heatpress or iron onto the fabric.


Some of our breathable LOXY-films, LOXY-Respire, are used to improve varies kind of textiles. They serve as a membrane featuring high WVTR, softness, elasticity, temperature resistance.
LOXY-respire are monolitich films and do not have any micropores. Due to its hydrophilic properties, the film absorbs humidity, transports water vapor molecules through the film and releases them to the exterior environment with lower temperature/humidity. (datasheet LOXY-Respire)
Latest News and Events
25 October 2010
Our signature FR reflective tape, 9801 are now certified according Íko-Tex Standard 100, class 2.
25 October 2010
Sto-Nor seam sealing tape are now Bluesign approved, increasing the added value and conforming the quality level!!
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