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Medical / Healthcare
  Wound care products
LOXY-Respires performance and characteristics make it a perfect fit for use in the medical industry. Its unique combination of strength, elasticity and permeability makes LOXY-Respire to an ideal material for extensive use in the medical field. Typical demanding applications where our LOXY-Respire is used are:
- Plasters
- adhesive tapes
- Surgical Gloves
- surgical Drapes
- Medical Bags

Inflatable products
Our LOXY-films are ideally suited for use with mattresses and other, air filled, pressure relief products. They are all HF weldable and features:
- excellent tear and puncture resistance
- hydrolysis and microbes resistance
- air-tight
- low noise

All our LOXY-films are non-PVC and totally free from plasticisers

Matress covers
Our LOXY-Respire can be used to produce high-end covers for mattresses.
It is liquid-proof and features:
-excellent softness
-high elasticity
-high moistur vapor transmission.

By laminating LOXY-Respire to fabric even more sophisticated features can be achieved
Latest News and Events
25 October 2010
Our signature FR reflective tape, 9801 are now certified according Íko-Tex Standard 100, class 2.
25 October 2010
Sto-Nor seam sealing tape are now Bluesign approved, increasing the added value and conforming the quality level!!
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