Quality Assurance Program (qap)
Quality Assurance Program

General Overview

- Quality Assurance / registration during production
- Inspection upon delivery at warehouse.
- Full supervision and digital documentation.
- Test laboratory in Asia
- Technical support and follow up of production

Quality Assurance / registration during production
All the production processes are made in accordance to strict production requirements. All datas for each production are registered and a log is made with unique *lot nbrs. A sufficient number of test control samples are taken out from each production. These samples are used for testing at our factory’s laboratory .Only the *lot nbr that has passed our tests with satisfaction are sent to our main warehouse.

Inspection upon delivery to main warehouse
Before sending to our different warehouses, a sufficient number of control tests are sent to our central laboratory. Tests are also sent to external industry laundries for professional washing. After the washing procedures, the samples are light tested in given intervals and compared with the factory’s results for extra control . Tests are done in accordance to relevant standards and requirements. (EN 471, EN 533).

Full supervision and digital documentation

All tests and results are stored and available for each customer. We have at all times full overview of the date of production and the quantity of each lot nbr that is sent to each customer. All the information regarding each customer is available via on-line through our website. By logging in to our secure qap-area, customers obtained the overview of all their orders/packing lists, certificates and lot no reports corresponding to their orders.

*Lot no: A unique production with identical parameters.(raw material, temperature, machin setting etc)

Test laboratory in Asia
As a part of Sto-Nor Industri’s international sales and technical support, we have established our own test laboratory at our office in Hong Kong. It holds all the necessary equipment to carry out the customer’s requested tests regarding seam sealing tapes and reflective tapes.

We can assist customers to find the right match of seam sealing and reflective tapes for the different materials used in their productions. We also carry out laundry tests and complete test reports can be presented to customers’s quality control and product development teams upon request.

Technical support and follow up of production
Our commitment to offer customer service includes technical and training support in the field, follow up and supervision of the different customers’s production units. A Sto-nor representative is assigned to each factory where customer is having production done and our products are being specified. Sto-nor will then be able to assist customers with product line information and technical assistance when necessary to make the production run as smoothly as possible.
Sto-nor carries out routinely visits through the year and upon request to customer ’s factories in order to check if our products are being used in accordance to specifications.

Report on purchasing orders
Through our invoice system we can provide our customers with a monthly summary of the Sto-nor’s product line consumption.
This is a part of our services so that customers can be certain that the factories are using Sto-nor products in accordance to specifications and in amounts that supply customers’s complete productions.

Latest News and Events
25 October 2010
Our signature FR reflective tape, 9801 are now certified according Íko-Tex Standard 100, class 2.
25 October 2010
Sto-Nor seam sealing tape are now Bluesign approved, increasing the added value and conforming the quality level!!
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